These paintings are made using high quality liquid gloss paints.

I wanted to use a medium that even when dry, looked wet, slick, new and candy-like. The shiny-ness engages the eye, drawing the viewer in, then old childhood pleasures of colour, new-ness, and ‘I want it’ flash through the mind, then you notice it’s so reflective you can see yourself, you feel the colour and warmth bouncing back off onto your face, you see how the colours mix and merge, then you see the infinite patterns, then you stand back, and look at it again.

The pieces range in size from small 7” x 5” boards that have the feeling of a beautiful, highly polished tile, to large canvases, where the viewer is completely absorbed in the colour and reflection.


Jeremy Hull, abstract landscape artist, gloss, paintings, London, canvas, contemporary, modern
Jeremy Hull, , contemporary, paintings, London, canvas
Jeremy Hull, abstract landcape paintings, modern, contemporary, canvas, London, artist